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The construction of GCCI at Abu-Kammash is one of the industrial projects carried out in the Jamahiriya. It  based on the utilization of a brine from Sebkha, which is located in the North west of the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.


The complex is a part of the industrial future of the jamahiriya and its role is to be recognized as an industrialized country.It has led to the creation of new jobs and provide training facilities.
It also aims to suppliment the future, the income from the oil industry and eliminate the need to import key chemicals and plastic materials.


The company provides the quality products and maintains a quality management system relevant for manufacturing of several chemical products and satisfaction of the customers. It also Complies technical specification at reasonable price.


The Head Office of GCCI is located in Abu kammash and its branche are in Tripoli.

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